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Hello, I'm Jim Lee with the BBC News. Saudi Aribia has replaced its top military commanders including the chief of staff. The move comes as the war in Yemen where a Saudi-led coalition is fighting rebels, is nearing the end of its third year. Sebastian Usher has more details. It's a flory of royal decrees. There's no reason given for why that's happened, but Saudi commentators have spun it as a move by the driving force behind all the reforms the crown prince,the heir of the throne,Mohanmmed bin Salman to inject more young blood into this institution. One has to look at the fact that there has been a war for almost 3 years in Yemen, which was absolutely his initiative and it's not working out. It hasn't achieved a knockout blow, hasn't achieved victory,so somebody is gonna be the scapegoat. The crown prince is in military defense. He needs to shift the blame away and I think this maybe part of that.


Russia has vetoed the United Nations draft resolution of the Security Council that singled out Iran for violating an arms embargo on Yemen. The rival Russian drafted measure extending those sanctions for another year past unanimously. Iran has denied arming Houthi rebels. Nedy Tolfer reports from New York. The UN reports said Houthi missiles fired at Saudi Aribia last year were made in Iran but they could not conclusively identify the supplier. The report also called out other parties to the conflict who are in violation. Iran has denied giving the Houthis weapons. Britain has worked closely with France and the United States on the resolution. The US ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, has led the call for greater international action against Iran for its role in Yemen.


The five-hour pause in the Syrian government assault on the rebel-held area of Eastern Ghuta is due to begin shortly. The respite was ordered by Syria's ally Russia, which said it would be repeated daily to allow civilians to leave the enclave. It's not clear if aid agencies will be able to bring food and medicine into Eastern Ghuta where around 400,000 people have been enduring intense bombardment. United States has urged Russia to use its influence to secure a thirty-day ceasefire. World News from the BBC.